The client’s needs are our first priority, and approval and satisfaction are our driving force.

Producing/ Directing

JTV offers quality production at a reasonable price. This is achieved through our superior organizational and planning skills. We have an extensive amount of experience from producing hundreds of productions locally as well as around the globe.

After the script is approved, our Producers will work with you to develop a production schedule. We believe that quality productions are the result of craftsmanship, and much of this involves careful planning of the shots, locations, talent, music, animations and much more.

Once on location our Producer and Director will work with the crew and talent to execute the script to the clients’ expectations. JTV has Producers and Directors on staff skilled in single camera production or multi-camera live broadcasts.

Script Writing

Script writing is critical to any production. Visuals and words must work synergistically to carry the message effectively. Every paragraph of narration, interview, video scene, graphic, and animation conceptualized by the client and Producer must be planned in detail so that all the elements come together in harmony during the editing.

We believe that a good script should be easy to read and visualize. Our script writers will work with you to create a script that conveys your message effectively and efficiently. Many times clients choose to write the first draft of the script in order to help us
better understand the message they want to convey. Once your draft is completed, we will then take what you have done and use our experience to turn it into a finished script and shot sheet ready for production.

Talent Scouting/ Auditions

Don’t worry about narration, actors, locations, models, and props- we’ve got it under control! JTV Productions works with some of the best professional narrators, models, and location scouts in the business. We will hold the auditions and find the right person for the job!